Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Family Time

The long weekend officially marks the end of summer, right? Why are triple digits still in the forecast for later this week?!
After church on Sunday, we drove to the family cabin at Shaver Lake to spend time with Jennifer and her kids. I stayed at the cabin with Jeremy while he napped, and Jason took Grace to meet Jennifer at the lake- some of her friends own jet skis and they were kind enough to share. It was Grace's first time on one, and she came back saying how much she loved going "so so fast!" Jason let her sit in front of him, and I guess she got plenty wet. We spent the night up there and relaxed, letting the kids just play. We returned yesterday around noon.
I think it was good for Jason to be with family this weekend, particularly since yesterday would've been his dad's birthday. It's a day we still celebrate! During his stay in the hospital before he passed on, he mentioned to Jason one day about how he wished he could go to "that place where they cook in front of you." Well, over the last few years, it has somewhat become a tradition to go to teppanyaki on his birthday.
Jeremy was with us last year, but he was too young to really react to anything. This year, he insisted on holding Jason's hand the entire time, particularly after the chef lit a fire on the iron plate!
After the meal, we headed back to our house. Each of us released a balloon into the sky, a tradition that started when the kids said years ago that "it's not a party without balloons" and since Grandpa's in heaven, "that's where we should send them". This year, each of the kids drew or wrote something for Grandpa, and we taped them to their balloons. With the extra weight, it took a while for some of the balloons to float off.The evening ended off with dessert from Coldstone. It was great to be able to spend such an important day together. We love our dad and grandpa so much and miss him tremendously.


JHRME said...

Such cuties! Fun Trip. I like that way of making the day special.

Jamie said...

What a great celebration to make new family memories while remembering and honoring Jason's dad. Glad you had a good weekend with the family!