Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Penner Family's Colorado Reunion

We were in Glenwood Springs, Colorado all of last week at the Penner Family's Bi-Annual Reunion. We had an amazing time, but since we forgot our camera's battery, couldn't document any of it!

The kids were great on our flight from San Jose to Denver. From Denver, it was still another 2.5 hours of driving. We arrived on Monday night to Glenwood Canyon Resort. It's right on the Colorado River. Our cabin was wonderful, and what a joy it was to see Jason's family again. On Tuesday, we all went to Glenwood Canyon's Hot Springs Pool . Jason enjoyed the waterslides, and even I got in the cool pool (the hot springs were way too hot). The highlight was Grace working up enough courage to finally fully submerge herself underwater! She did it repeatedly, when we asked her to, and also on her own initiative. (Unfortunately, every day since we've been back, we've had to coax her into the pool again- anyone have suggestions for us on what to do?!) Wednesday was the highlight for most of the family. They went whitewater rafting! The water was supposedly really high, so we didn't let Grace go, worrying that she'd chicken out at the last minute. So, I stayed in our cabin with Grace and Jeremy while Jason went. He had such a great time! Later that night, our parents watched all of the kids, and we were able to go to Glenwood Canyon Brewpub with some of Jason's cousins. When we got back, we played board games late into the night- totally fun! Thursday came, and while Jason went golfing with his cousin and uncles, I attempted to go hiking with some other cousins and both kids. We forgot to bring our carrier for Jeremy, and with our borrowed carrier and our little chunker, it got too hard. The hike was apparently 2.4 miles roundtrip to Hanging Lake, but within that was an elevation climb of 1000 feet. I returned down the steep path on my own after making it more than a quarter of the way. I only made it as far as I did thanks to Wyndy's help! The family continued on with Gracie, and all afternoon, I worried about whether or not she was able to do it, and about whether or not she was whining and complaining the whole way. Everyone got back with nothing but praise for Grace. She made it with help from many people such as Uncle Chris, Auntie Jen, and Grandma and with minimal whining. Looks like we need to do more hiking as a family! Friday came, and with sadness, we said goodbye to everyone. On the highway back to Denver, Jeremy started having trouble breathing with coughing spasms that sounded awful. Worried, we decided right off the highway to take him to see a doctor. We ended up having to take him in to the ER in Frisco (which turns out, is actually a really quaint town). He had a fever of 103 degrees, and while chest xrays showed nothing to explain his severe coughing, it was discovered that he had gotten another ear infection despite already being on an antibiotic. After several hours, he was released. We flew down the highway through rush hour to try and make our Denver flight. We barely made it- we were the last ones on the plane and they closed the door behind us. We sat back, relieved to have made it. Our moment didn't last because Jeremy was irritable the whole trip. Midway through, he actually threw up... He was facing us, and his vomit ended up on both of us, some of it leaking through our seats to the woman sitting behind us! Ay ya ya... Anyway, after landing in San Jose and our drive home, we walked through the door right before midnight. And that, was our Colorado trip.

On the last day, we remembered at the last minute that Gracie had packed her camera, so she went around getting a few snapshots. Remember, these shots are from her perspective. Brad, Jason's cousin, was our "official photographer," so as soon as he is able to send some pictures our way, I'll post them.

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