Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Taste of "My" Edmonton

Here are snapshots of some foods I look forward to having when I'm in Edmonton every year! Ah, yes... Bubble Tea! I had five of them this past month

We went for Dim Sum with my friend, Binh. Here's Grace trying Tripe (which she loved; Jason however, did not) One of the foods non-Asians freak out the most about- Chicken Feet (which Grace also loved; Jason wouldn't even try it) (By the way, Tracy, Christa, and Jamie: Are you guys still up for trying Dim Sum?! You don't have to eat those 2 dishes listed above... There are many others. Anyone else want to go? Let me know!)

Harvey's Cheeseburgers

Swiss Chalet's Rotisserie Chicken


My sister's baking- here are Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Banh Mi Vietnam (Vietnamese Subs)

Pho (One of Vietnam's most well-known dishes)

Com Suon (Rice with Pork Chop, Vietnamese style)

Oodle Noodle Special (if Jason and I ever opened a restaurant, we'd consider something like Oodle Noodle- it's an Asian fusion noodle place and we both love the food)

Che Ba Mau (Sweet Bean Dessert)

Banh Bao (Steamed Bun with meat filling)

Ketchup chips (I didn't get a picture of the Old Dutch brand)

No wonder I gained weight this past month!!!!

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Christa said...

I'm still up for it! Just let me know when and where. Lots of that other food looks good too!