Friday, July 25, 2008

Rexall Edmonton Indy 2008

My brother, Peter, works for Westjet, a Canadian-based airline and with his position, he can get some pretty cool perks. His company received access to the Edmonton Indy this weekend, and he invited Jason to join him for the time trials today. I made Jason bring the camera so that he could take some pictures. It's a pretty big deal for Edmonton, and there are some high profile people in town this weekend for this event, such as Gene Simmons (Grand Marshall), Danica Patrick, Helio Castroneves, etc. My brother's passes gave them Pit Walk Access, Paddock Access, and their seats were in the Pit Row Suites. Jason had a blast walking around to see everything. The highlights for him were seeing all the cars leaving the pit at the same time when the trials actually begun (everyone jumped because no one expected how loud it would be), and the free food. Man, talk about having a job with benefits! Thanks, Peter! (Pictures above were taken from Peter and Jason's seats. There are a few more pics in the Photo Album)

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Don Harms said...

Hey guys,
Sounds like you are having an amazing trip!
I have a weird question for a blog comment, but I don't know if you are checking email. When is spring break next year? It's a long story to explain here, but your help would be appreciated as we are trying to plan a trip and need to book tickets soon.

Talk to you soon,