Friday, July 18, 2008

Rainy Days

In case you're wondering why I haven't been blogging, it's because we haven't done a whole lot this past week. It's been raining here! I can actually say that we've been kind of bored this week. On the flip side, it's been kind of nice and cool, unlike the scorching hot of Fresno.

In between the bouts of rain, we've actually gone on quite a few walks, and taken the kids to the nearby playground. My parents got Grace a scooter, so she's been learning how to ride it. We were reminiscing and remembered that when Grace was Jeremy's age, she had already been to the beach. Sadly, Jeremy just had his first experience with sand this past week! We also went and spent some time at "The Greatest Indoor Show on Earth," West Edmonton Mall. I blogged about it last year- it's one of Edmonton's claims-to-fame. Apparently, it's Alberta's #1 Tourist Attraction, has over 800 stores, and 9 attractions (including Indoor Amusement Park, Waterpark, Ice Rink, etc). Aside from visiting a few stores here and there, grabbing a bite to eat, and people-watching (it really is hard to do some serious shopping with 2 kids!), the only touristy thing Jason and Grace did was go aboard WEM's actual replica of the Santa Maria. We considered doing a few other touristy things, but thought they'd be better for when the kids are a little older. Yesterday was beautiful! We met up with an old friend of mine, Linda, who I haven't seen for over five years (thank goodness for Facebook). She brought her "niece and nephew" to join us for lunch and a walk down Whyte Ave. in a historical area of Edmonton called,
Old Strathcona. It's an eclectic area, known for its Farmer's Market every weekend, and many one-of-a kind shops, restaurants, and bars. There are some really trendy places, but also some really "alternative" places. Alex is 5, and Calla is 2. Grace and Alex immediately became friends. We found a gelato shop for dessert, and sat down to catch up. It was great to see her!
As well, Grace started her swimming lessons this past week. Jason's been in the pool with her, and Jeremy and I have watched from the bleachers. She's the only one in her class! It's been nice to get "Teacher Kristy" all to herself, but it would've been great to have other kids. It's amazing how peers can motivate/influence kids! She's been doing a great job- day by day, it is awesome to see how her confidence is building. I haven't been able to take any pictures of her in class. Jeremy is so squirmy, every picture I've taken has ended up all blurry. I'll try again next week.

Check for other pics in the photo album.

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