Saturday, February 15, 2014

Proud of Jeremy!

We are proud of Jeremy!  He was selected as his class' Student of the Month for Dec.-Jan. for the Character Trait of Responsibility.  Hawks of the Month are recognized with a special pizza lunch on the stage and the principal reads aloud a paragraph from the teacher.
I must say, this actually describes Jeremy pretty well!  We were driving to school the next morning and he asked, "Was Grace as responsible as me when she was my age?  Was she forgetful?"  "She was good at a lot of other things, but yes, she was forgetful.  We're all good with different things."  There was a brief pause before he answered with, "You're right- Grace is good at being forgetful!"  The guy is responsible AND funny!
 (Sorry for the fuzzy picture- it's posted out of my reach on the Hawks of the Month wall!)

In the same week, we found out that Jeremy was one of a handful students who were recognized for being able to read 100 Kindergarten words.  At our school, kids who reach this marker get presented with a certificate and a t-shirt from our principal.  
His teacher later informed us that he's actually quite beyond that marker.  According to Accelerated Reader, he's actually reading at a 2.4 reading level. (Here he is pointing at the 2.9 reading level of this Froggy book).
That's second grade reading level... and he's in kindergarten!  To put things in perspective, I have two students in my fifth grade class who are reading at the same level as him.  Yikes...  
Jeremy is having an amazing year and we are immensely proud of him!

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