Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hello, 2014!

Jeremy got sick right after Christmas and it put off our annual Christmas get-together with the Wiens family.  We ended up going up to our family cabin at Shaver Lake with him still not 100%, but there was no way we wanted to cancel our annual traditions!
First up was our Ugly Gift Exchange.  We got them a very tacky, albeit sentimental plaque that said, "Bestest Friends."  They got us an woodland bear figurine (knowing how much we love babies).
We decided to try something new for our kids' gift exchange.  Rather than buying gifts, we had them make gifts for each other.  It was actually very sweet.  The girls made each other friendship bracelets. 
Here are the boys with their gifts: Jeremy made Levi a marshmallow shooter and Levi made Jeremy robot string art.  (Jeremy actually made Star Wars themed gifts, but we didn't realize he was sick when he made them, so we helped him come up with Plan B). 

Later that night, the Lee family joined us.  The Cos weren't able to join us this year- they were in the Philippines!  We missed them!
It was such a bummer that there was no snow this year.  The kids kept plenty busy playing together.  Jill, Christa, and I were able to go on walks and spend time catching up.  Jason, Adam, and Aaron had their annual beer tasting, though this year, they spread the tasting out over several days.
On New Year's Eve, we once again had a fake countdown so that we could send the kids to bed and enjoy the rest of our night, hahaha.  As Grace and Charlotte get older, I doubt we'll be able to continue doing this, but at least this year, we let the girls stay up a little later as they hung out together in their room.
 Happy New Year!

 We love that Jill makes New Year's Cookies/Fritters every year!  Yum!

Such a blessing to be able to start off a new year with our close friends!

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