Saturday, February 15, 2014

Proud of Grace!

Jeremy got a lot of attention for his accomplishments earlier in the month and the spotlight turned to Grace the week after.  I was able to take a half day off work and go to her 1st Semester awards ceremony.  She got recognized for participating in cross country, high honors (straight As), and for Block M (an award in which students have to meet requirements in academics, sports, extra-curricular activities, etc.) 
To earn a 4.0 GPA is amazing in itself  but what impressed us the most was that she was able to earn straight As despite a very, very busy semester that included piano, violin, cross country, weekly art class, and volleyball clinics.  It was not easy- there were times when I thought the pressure would be too much.  Somehow, she made it through with flying colors.  We have asked and wondered if there was something she could give up, but alas, she is determined to do it all.  This next semester, she has decided not to continue with softball.  I was actually very shocked, considering how much she loved playing all-star softball last year.  After participating in volleyball clinics every year for the past several years, she has decided she wants to go further this year.  She will be playing club volleyball this semester for the Hoover Patriots club.  Already, this has involved two-hour practices twice a week and weekend tournaments will be starting up really soon.  It looks like 2nd semester will be just as busy as the 1st semester!

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