Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shaver Lake "Work" Weekend

 This past weekend was Jason's birthday.  Our family of four celebrated by going out to dinner at Famous Dave's and finishing up with Yogurtland for dessert.  The next morning, we headed to our Shaver Lake cabin to join the rest of Jason's family for a work weekend.  All of us- kids included- spent time helping out around the cabin. 
 We raked A LOT of pine needles (this is one of many piles).

 Jason, Dan, Noah, and Jen worked on re-piling the wood pile.

In the evening, we celebrated Jason's birthday. 

Not only did we get a lot of work finished, it was fun spending some time together.
3 Flies Up

Wiffle Ball- adults vs. kids (they "won")

Uncle Dan is always willing to wrestle with Jeremy!

The kids were exhausted and quickly fell asleep when we left on Sunday afternoon (if Christa is reading this- we didn't notice Grace's seat belt until after we took the pic)
It is very possible that the next time our whole family is together again will be when we're on our way to Hawaii in June!!!!!!

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