Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Reflections about My Trip

I have really enjoyed sitting here these past few days, going through pictures and blogging about our trip.   Even with that, I don't feel like I've even begun to truly express how much I enjoyed this past week.  I can't say it enough- it was an awesome experience!  Here are some things on my mind:

1) I've never been away from my family for this long.  I thought I was going to be weepy and emotional, and though I missed my family, I was ok!  I'm so grateful to Jason for supporting me by taking care of things while I was away.  It meant a lot that he was willing to "give up" his Spring Break so that I could go.  Karen Unruh and my mother-in-law helped out immensely, too, by taking the kids so Jason could have time to himself.  I'm also thankful that some of Jason's friends hung out with him and helped him with his latest home improvement project (more on that in a later post).

2) I broke away from some of my "norms."  I didn't use an iron ALL WEEK, lol!  I went to a 3D show...  I only got nauseous once the entire trip- that's not usual!  I was expecting to have to load up on Dramamine all week, but I didn't need to!  That's pretty darn close to a miracle!

3) I can't wait to share with my class everything that I learned... The trip was successful in that I am enthusiastic and motivated to see/find ways that I can make history come alive for my students. 

4) Some of you probably don't know this, but I went straight from living with my parents (traditionally, Asians don't move out until they get married), to living with Jason's parents for a few months before we got married, to living with Jason.  I've never had the experience of living with a roommate!  Michelle was my first "roomie" and she made this experience so much more memorable (Virginia carpet bugs... there's a story there!)
5) I got to know quite a few people in our teacher group this past week.  We've been together all year, but this trip let me get to know them on a personal level.  Despite coming from different schools, I love that we're all 5th grade teachers and that I will be able to continue collaborating with them in years to come. 

I'm most grateful that I made some "friends for life," as Aaron put it.  Part of the reason why this was such an amazing trip is the company I was with: Mike, Michelle, Lisa, Rita, and Aaron.  The six of  us pretty much did everything together all week. When I think of this trip, I will remember the fun times that our group had together.  We definitely bonded and I am grateful to have shared such a memorable week with these wonderful friends.
6) I know without a doubt that Jason and I will return to this area in the future.  So, I didn't get to do everything that I wanted to do, but with Jason being such a history buff, we'll be back!  He wants to see these places firsthand.  Our goal is to take the whole family in 6 years (when Jeremy is old enough to really experience it all).  I can't wait!

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