Monday, April 29, 2013

Cedar View Winery

A few weekends ago, we got to do some wine tasting with some friends. Aaron and Christa had a gift certificate for a group wine tasting at Cedar View Winery in Sanger.  We got to sample some wines, eat some appetizers, and we got a glimpse into how the winery is operated.  It's a very small facility- the owners were passionate about their work and their wines.  In addition to running the winery, there is also a bed and breakfast on-site.  It's neat that more and more wineries are starting to pop up around this area. 
After our wine tasting, we continued on to Schoolhouse Restaurant and Tavern, about a half mile up the road.  We didn't think that a restaurant so far out would be so busy that reservations would be needed.  Turns out that with our group size, we would've had to wait a reeeally long time.  We decided just to hang out in the tavern and ordered dinner through there.  It was such a fun night- even better since we had free babysitting courtesy of Jason's mom.  Unfortunately, just as the sun was setting and it was getting dark, we got a call from his mom saying that she and the kids were accidentally locked out of our house.  They went to play in the backyard and forgot that the door automatically locks unless you manually unlock it.  So, we had to head back home.  Several of our friends went to get dessert from The Cracked Pepper and brought it over to our house so we could continue hanging out.  Fun times with fun friends!  

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