Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Easter!

I returned from my East Coast trip with it being Easter the next day.  As it so happens, Jason's family wasn't able to get together until that Monday anyway.  I still wanted to celebrate Easter Sunday, so we invited our friends, the Bomars over for dinner.  I love how they are so easy-going and flexible. They were okay with a simple meal and just time to hang out.  We still ended up having a mini Easter egg hunt for the kids, but they would've been perfectly content just playing together.  I'm grateful for good friends to share special days with!
On Monday, we headed up to Jason's mom's home to celebrate with the whole family. The kids received Easter baskets from Grandma, they went egg hunting, and we enjoyed an amazing dinner together.
Easter is one of my favorite times of the year- a time to celebrate HOPE, new beginnings, life, and all of this because of our Savior, Jesus!  As I was reflecting about this, I was reminded of the song, "Alive" by Natalie Grant.  "Alive, alive! Look what Mercy’s overcome, Death has lost and Love has won, Alive, alive! Hallelujah, risen Lord, the only One I fall before, I am His because He is alive!"  Happy Easter!

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