Monday, May 6, 2013

Krush 'Em!

I never thought that there would come a day when I would love watching baseball or softball... Well, if it involves my two kiddos, then yes, the day has come!  Grace has played for 3 seasons, and this past season has been the best!  She was a member of Team Krush.  It has been so fun watching her this year!
Early in the season, Grace was not very successful at hitting.  She was extremely frustrated and defeated.  Jason went out and got her a new bat, and all of a sudden, she started hitting every time she was up to bat.  When we asked her what had made the difference, she replied, "I got a new bat."  Her confidence and enjoyment of the game has increased with each game that she has played.  Coach Larry has always believed in our Grace, and this season, he made her one of the designated pitchers.  When she wasn't pitching, she regularly played shortstop.  She has loved it! 

This was Grace's last season in the 8-Under division.  Next year, it'll be a completely different ball game- there will be tryouts and a draft, and her coach has said he will not coach the next level, so she will be with a new coach.  Hope it'll still be as fun to watch- I can definitely see it becoming more nerve-wracking and intense...

Since Grace's games were two nights a week, our family didn't get home until 7:30pm most nights, and wolfing down dinners at 8pm was hard, especially when our kids' regular bedtimes are 8pm (Jeremy) and 8:15pm (Grace).  Added to our craziness is Jason coaching track at his school (after school every day), and once a week on different days, Grace's piano lessons, Jeremy's swimming lessons, and Jeremy's t-ball.  With the end of the season, our family is glad to return to a somewhat-normal routine!

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