Saturday, November 1, 2008

Party Time!

This month was so busy that we couldn't find the time to have two birthday parties for Grace and Jeremy. Since we would've invited the same people to both anyway, we decided to celebrate both kids' birthdays with a joint zoo animal-themed party. Today, we met everyone at Roeding Park for lunch, cupcakes, and presents and then headed over to the Chaffee Zoo for a few hours. With the threat of rain, we have been checking the weather forecasts again and again these last few days. We are so glad that it turned out to be a very nice day. Though the skies were overcast, it was very comfortable outside. We expected to get rained on later in the afternoon, but only got sprinkled on here and there while we were in the zoo.
We really appreciate everyone who came out to help us celebrate our children! We would also like to thank those who came to the zoo with us after lunch- our family really enjoyed your company and it means a lot that you were willing to brave the threat of rain with us! There are tons of pictures in the photo album! The kids who came to the zoo (missing Micah and Talia)

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