Saturday, November 8, 2008

Haircuts (Jeremy's 1st!)

I have been debating this for over a month... We need to get Jeremy's 1 year pictures taken in these next few weeks. Should I leave his hair uncut (to show what he looked like at 1 year), or do I get his hair cut so that he doesn't look all shaggy and unkempt? I know it's not really that big a deal, so I finally decided to just go for it.
I had heard from Christa about this place called, Cool Cuts 4 Kids. They're a hair salon chain that's specifically for kids. Since this was Jeremy's first haircut, I wanted to go somewhere that had experience working with squirmy little ones. They didn't disappoint! I was very pleased. Everything was geared to the kids- the waiting area, the actual chairs the kids sat in to get their hair cut were little cars, and each one had its own TV (the kids get to choose which DVD to watch during their cut). Too bad these weren't enough for Jeremy. He was very upset and started crying the second the stylist put the cape on him. It took our whole family to distract Jeremy long enough for the hairstylist to cut his hair. She didn't need very much time, either. Wow!

Before- Check out how long the sides are!


After- well, kind of

This is the actual "After" because this is what we left with... What is it with people styling Jeremy's hair into a faux hawk?! (No, we did not request this! But I do have to admit- he is so cute)

Grace also got a trim today. She chose to watch Wonder Pets (what is that, anyway?) during her hair cut, and with that distraction, she sat the stillest I've seen her during a hair cut. She definitely earned her lollipop today! Without all the usual hassles, and an overall positive first experience for Jeremy (me)- coming to this salon was totally worth it!




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Lomeliclan said...

So there is a way to distract children long enough to cut their hair. When I cut my kids hair, I have to use scare tactics. Who woulda thought.....