Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Church's Community Carnival

I don't like to say that we "celebrate" Halloween. I've heard too much about the origins and what the day represents and I always fear that by participating, it means I'm contributing to it. I must say though, that Halloween is so commercialized that most people really do just look at it as a day of dressing up and getting treats. The most we've done to "celebrate" Halloween is to go to our church's annual community carnival every year. Who knows, when the kids are older, maybe we'll actually go trick-or-treating. Right now, we can't even trick-or-treat in our area even if we wanted to. We're the youngest family on the block. No one gives out candy because there aren't really any kids (most of our neighbors are retired... the ones right next to us are in their 90s!). Going to the carnival, seeing friends, watching Grace play the games, admiring costumes... That's enough Halloween for us! (Pics in the photo album)

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