Saturday, November 22, 2008


Jeremy moves... He's really fast! He roams non-stop around the house, so we don't follow him around every second. He likes to take things and move them from one place to the next. Tonight, I was sitting nearby making a grocery list and when I glanced up, Jeremy was innocently playing with Gracie's pink slipper and a yellow sippy cup. Within minutes though, well... After tonight, we should watch our boy every second, knowing that since he's our bear, he gets into everything! Case in point: Desitin diaper cream... It's interesting that he'll throw his dinner on the floor, but will have no problems eating cat food and diaper cream! (We called Poison Control and they assured us that he'll be fine).


Lisa said...

Ohhh Jane! Yes, Josh has also tasted his diaper cream...his favorite flavor is Butt Cream. :-)

Christa said...

That is pretty gross!

Jamie said...

Anything from outside? Snails? Dog poop? Well, you don't have a dog...grass?