Tuesday, March 18, 2008

San Jose Visit

Most people here in Fresno have just assumed over the years that I am not into sports. They assume that because I'm not into baseball or football, the two major sports that almost every American is into. Hey- I'm Canadian! I'm totally into hockey!!! I grew up in Canada- during the Oilers Dynasty, nonetheless. I grew up watching Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, Anderson, Coffey, Lowe, Fuhr... I used to have a scrapbook where I kept important newspaper articles about the Oilers... I used to know tons of useless trivia about them, too. I cried when Gretzky was traded! I haven't been able to be true hockey fan since moving to Fresno since we don't have cable or satellite, and I don't get the Fresno Bee (with their minimal coverage) so I am not able to really follow the Oilers' season. Anyway, I'm mentioning all of this because you can imagine my excitement when this past weekend, Jason and I were invited by our friend, Darren, to go see a San Jose Sharks game against the Oilers. We drove to San Jose on Sunday and went with Darren and his friend Josiah. Darren won tickets through his work. His wife, Julie, offered to watch all of our kids. Julie and Darren have a 6 month old named Claire, and a 3 year old named Jenny (she's practically 3). Thank goodness Julie invited one of her friends, Melissa, to come help her because I wouldn't have been able to go if it weren't for that.
I proudly wore my Oilers t-shirt-I was alone in a sea of Sharks! It was awesome, cheering them on. The Oilers ended up winning 2-1 (shootout) but I must honestly say that they didn't deserve it. The Sharks completely dominated the entire game. It was still so much fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Darren!
The next day, we took our families to Santa Cruz. We walked to the wharf and had lunch there, before spending the afternoon on the Boardwalk. The girls wanted to go on rides. How cute it was, the two of them riding together. Several times, I thought Grace was going to burst into tears, but she always insisted that she was having fun. I guess it's just me and my paranoia (I can not, will not go on rides! I'm chicken... and I get extremely nauseous). It was a fantastic visit with the Pozzis. Thank you guys, for such an awesome time! Make sure you check our photo album for pictures of our visit with the Pozzi family.

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