Friday, August 8, 2014

Parks and Playgrounds

I LOVE Edmonton's parks and playgrounds!  When we are in Edmonton, it's like our kids are "set free" when they go play.  There is so much green space reserved for recreation.  The two largest parks in Fresno require cars to pay an entrance fee.  In Fresno, playgrounds belong to neighborhood schools and are usually gated, which means that once school is closed, there is no access to them.  At least in Clovis, there was a little bit more thought to include playgrounds in the city planning so if we're willing to drive, then our kids can play at those.  Aside from the actual space, there are many different kinds of playground equipment that I can't imagine in Fresno, mostly because I can imagine them being abused, resulting in libel lawsuits. Not that Edmontonians don't abuse the equipment or get hurt, but the culture is "different..."  I can't explain it anymore than that... Ok, well that's enough of that!  All I really want to express is that our family loves spending time at Edmonton's parks and playgrounds every summer and we miss them when we're not here.  Here are some pictures I took of our kids (and us) having fun at some of Edmonton's playgrounds.

These videos are not the best quality, but they're glimpses into the crazy fun that we had on what we call, "The Spinner."

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