Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jeremy's First Day of First Grade

We had a long day flying home from Calgary to San Jose.  From there, we went out to lunch with the Pozzis before finally heading home.  My first few days back at work were pretty uneventful since I didn't have a classroom to get ready for.  My new partner and I moved into our new "office."  My principal at Harvest was kind enough to allow us to use one of Harvest's classroom to house us.  That means that I still get to be a part of the Harvest community, which I am genuinely grateful for.
 First day of first grade!
Jeremy's first grade teacher, Mrs. Grewal

Early on the first day of school, I got a text from Mr. Perez (Harvest's principal).  He wanted to know if Jeremy would want to be on t.v. later that morning. When I asked Jeremy, he agreed.  Our school district, Central Unified, was holding a press conference at Harvest to share about the rolling out of tablets to all Central students.  Since I didn't have any classes yet, I also attended the press conference.  It was very long- 45 mins. and the kids stood for most of it.  Well, that is until Jeremy dropped his tablet!!!  Right there, in front of everyone! AGH! He quickly picked it up and luckily, it was fine.  At that point, they let the kids sit down and brought them water.  Later, Mr. Perez joked with some officials that Jeremy was just "testing out" the tablets and proving that they're durable.  Jeremy was on the news and the next day, he was on the front page of the Fresno Bee.  This certainly made Jeremy's first day of first grade quite memorable!

 Our district's Superintendent, Mr. Berg, and California's Superintendent of Education, Mr. Torlakson.
This week also marked a significant moment in my teaching career- here's my FB status post about it:
I got home today at 2pm. Why would that be "status-worthy?" Well, today's the first day of my new part-time job (district GATE enrichment teacher)! For years, I have put in 15+ hour days leading up to the start of the school year and was always stressed and lacked sleep! What a change this year! I got back from Canada yesterday, did nothing school-related last night, and went to work this morning, spending most of it moving into my new space. Feeling blessed for this new opportunity- I am looking forward to an amazing 2014-2015 school year!

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