Friday, August 8, 2014

Canada Olympic Park

We left Edmonton and drove down to Calgary a few days before having to fly out.  That gave us some time to explore Calgary.  We decided to head to Canada Olympic Park. Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988 and its facilities are still in use. 

It was very stormy when we arrived, so we visited the Canada Sports Hall of Fame while we waited for the rainstorm to pass.
 Our kids have no idea who Wayne Gretzky is!  In fact, they barely know a thing about hockey!  I've deprived them, living in Fresno!

 It was a very nicely laid out museum- tons of interactive things for the kids to do.  Jason learned a lot more about Canadian sports than he probably wanted to.

After the storm passed, we headed outside. There is now a summer luge track that runs alongside the original luge track there and we decided to try it out.
 We rode the chairlift to get to the top.

It was so fun, Jason, Sarah, and the kids did it a second time.  Then, we let the kids try out some outdoor climbing structures.  Jeremy chose to climb this "Spiderweb."

Grace chose to climb the rock wall, and Jason wanted to try it, too.

We found this other rock wall while walking around the park.  Our kids are obsessed with American Ninja Warrior and this kept them entertained for quite a while.

From there, we headed to Okotoks to our friends' home for dinner.  Jenny has been a dear friend for over 15 years.  We lost touch over the years after I moved to Fresno, but Facebook reconnected us.  We saw them a few years ago on our road trip, and are glad we got another chance to visit them this year.  As always, Jenny made us an incredible meal and it was fun to catch up.  Huy took Jason downstairs for a jam session while the girls chatted.

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