Friday, August 8, 2014

Family Time

Summer is pretty much the only time our kids get to see my family.

It's an annual tradition that Sarah takes each of our kids on an Auntie Date while we're visiting.  She is really great with our kids and they adore her!

This year, Jeremy chose to go to an arcade.
 Grace chose to go mini-golfing.

My sister and the grandparents took the kids fishing at the lake in her development.  It's stocked with fish and has a little beach area and playground. 

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating that day, so they weren't able to stay out there for very long and they didn't catch any fish, but the kids seemed to enjoy it anyway.

The kids are old enough that this year, my parents would come pick them up in the morning, spend the whole day with them, and then return them around bedtime.  It gave Jason and me some time to do what we wanted.  On one of those days, we rented bikes in the river valley and went on a bike ride.  We had such a wonderful time!

 My favorite footbridge that gives wonderful views of Edmonton's cityscape.  Here's also where Jason proposed to me!

I look forward to spending time with my "sisters" every year.  We always pick right up where we left off and I am so thankful they are still a part of my life!

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