Saturday, June 28, 2014

Santa Barbara

A few months ago, we decided we wanted to spend some time at the beach with Jennifer's family.  One thing led to another and Jason's cousin, Brad's family also decided to join us.  Jason looked for places along the coast that would be big enough for all of us and luckily, even though it was rather last minute, he found one on  So, after getting back from our SoCal trip, we were home long enough to pretty much do laundry, and then headed back out on the road.  This was our first time in Santa Barbara!

 The house wasn't exactly in the best location, but it was conveniently located and large enough for our big group.  The kids loved that there was a little theater room in the basement.
 One of the reasons why we love being at the coast is how laid-back our days are.  The kids can spend hours entertaining themselves in the sand.

 The cousins love spending time together, too!

 We took a long and relaxing walk to the pier.
 A man was fishing off the pier and kindly let Noah take over his rod for a while.
 I just love this picture!
 Brad said that the waves were good for beginner surfers in Ventura, so we headed down that way.
 Again, the kids spent hours playing in the sand and splashing in the waves.

 Jason and I love getting to relax on the beach! 

 Brad was so patient and offered to help everyone who wanted to try surfing.  He spent a lot of time with Grace and rekindled her love for surfing!

 Jason did a great job, too!

For many reasons, we valued this family time at Santa Barbara.  It will always be one of our most memorable family trips!

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