Monday, June 30, 2014

Santa Barbara Mission

After our families all went our separate ways, our family decided to take our time before heading back to Fresno.  We stopped at the Mission Santa Barbara for a visit.  Grace's class learned about missions this past year, so she was very interested in getting to see another mission.

 The cemetery is always interesting... The landscape was so nice!
 We came just as mass was ending.  It's really neat that the space is still used for worship.  Glad we got to see the sanctuary!
 Jason and I enjoy museums and we usually take our time going through exhibits.  So much to learn and appreciate!
 One of the original bells
 Grace's class read The Island of the Blue Dolphins this year, and she got to see some of the history that inspired that book.
 Many of the mission's celebrations are celebrated on the top of these stairs.  Beautiful!
 There had been a sidewalk chalk art contest on the mission's grounds.  The kids thought it was so neat.  Here are their favorites- Grace chose a tiger, Jeremy chose Dr. Seuss.

On our way back, we also stopped in Pismo to do some shopping at the outlets.  It might surprise some to know that despite all of our trips to the coast, we haven't really spent time in Pismo.  It's a very busy touristy beach town.  We took a walk out to the pier, got some candy for the road, and also had dinner at Splash Cafe.  It's a place that everyone says you HAVE to visit when you're in Pismo, so we can now cross that off our list.  Apparently, there's always a line but it wasn't as busy as it can get so we lucked out.  The food really was delicious and we can see why they receive so much hype.

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