Monday, June 23, 2014

Father's Day Camping Trip

While I was having fun with Sarah, Jason and the kids were having fun of their own.  Our family friends went camping in Kings Canyon National Park and since we've basically deprived our kids of childhood camping, Jason decided to take the kids and join them.  From what I have heard, it was an awesome trip- our kids loved being with their friends out in nature!  One story worth remembering-Jeremy was playing legos by himself in their tent when everyone began the hike to go get ice cream at the General Store.  It took a bit for Jason to realize that Jeremy wasn't with everyone- he was still back at camp!  Jason rushed back to find Jeremy completely oblivious that there wasn't a single person around.  He was totally consumed by his legos!  This camping trip was during Father's Day weekend and I wasn't around... Jason gave up "his" day so that I could take my sisters' trip with Sarah.  He definitely proved why I think he's an amazing dad.  Our kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful, loving man for their dad!
Thank you to all of our friends who helped Jason out this weekend!  And, since I wasn't there to take pictures, all of these memories were captured by them.


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