Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shave Ice!!!!

Okay, so I'm finished recapping our Maui trip, but I just had to designate one entire post to one of our favorite Hawaiian treats: shave ice!  Locals told us that in Hawaii, it is known as shave ice, not shaved ice.  Ummm, I'm drooling as I recall each shave ice that I got to have.  We must've averaged one a day!  Aside from getting to choose syrups made from Hawaiian cane sugar and fruit juices, a shave ice can also be served with a scoop of ice cream underneath, and topped with a condensed milk mixture known as a "snow cap."  Another authentic addition is to get adzuki beans underneath... That was my favorite combination- lychee, green tea, and coconut shave ice with adzuki beans... YUM!!!

Our bank was having a Customer Appreciation Day a few weeks ago and was giving away free shave ice.  I had been craving it since we left Maui and was so disappointed that the shave ice we had was more like a snow cone.  Wonder if there's anywhere in Fresno that sells shave ice that is truly "shaven?"  If you find a place, make sure you let me know! 

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