Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Grace's Rage

 We arrived from Maui in San Jose, and then had to still drive home to Fresno.  By the time we got in, it was about 1:30am.  Grace's Rage team had a tournament in Selma the next morning and she was supposed to be there at 8am.  We decided that after all our travels, it'd be better to sleep in.  We did join up with her team later in the day.  It turned out to be a scorcher- it was 113 degrees for the last two of her games.  We are still so impressed that she didn't complain once about getting out there.  She played again that Sunday, and her team went on to win the tournament.  

Grace had such a wonderful experience playing all-stars this year.  Since it was 8U, it wasn't too bad of a time-commitment.  She learned a lot and we really loved her coaches! 
 For her end-of-season party, Grace and I made these softball cookies for her teammates.
Thank you to everyone who has supported Grace this season!  Your help through purchasing car wash tickets helped our overall costs significantly!

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