Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Maui Day 6

We were determined to find a better snorkeling area, and after asking around, we decided to try Ulua Beach.  Several people said it was a good beach for kids.  It's located in a very nice area in Wailea, and it was hard to find since there was construction happening nearby.  However, it was a wonderful beach!  Even in the shallow waters, you could see fish that would swim around our ankles.  This certainly motivated Jeremy to use his snorkel gear.  It was exciting to explore and find fish.  There were also some fantastic tide pools in which we found all kinds of sea life.  Jason swam out further and was able to see a turtle up close.  After spending a good amount of time snorkeling, the kids played in the sand while the rest of us relaxed on the beach.  What a great time!

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