Thursday, July 11, 2013

Maui Day 1

Jason's mom has been talking for a few years about how she wanted our entire family to vacation together.  Her family did that when Jason was younger and they still talk about it.  She decided to take all of us to Maui for a week!

We flew from San Jose to Kahului Airport in Maui.  The kids did great on the 5 hour flight.  As soon as we arrived, Jason, his sister Jen, went shopping at Costco for our meals for the week, and the rest of us drove to the vacation home in Kihei.  Jason's mom rented a waterfront beach house that fit all 11 of us.  It was beautiful and centrally located to everything.
From the house, there was a lawn leading to our own semi-private beach.  There was no public access, so pretty much, the only people we saw along here all week were ones staying at neighboring homes/condos.
The first day there, we truly didn't do a whole lot.  While Jen and Jason shopped, we explored the home, checked out the koi pond, the kids swam in the pool, and then we headed to the beach where we spent quite a few hours.  It was an easygoing, relaxing day!
Just a few hundred yards down the beach, there was this rock landing that we ended up visiting every night we were there.  For whatever reason, turtles swam right up to these rocks and the shallower surrounding areas.  We would see turtles pop their heads up every few minutes.  It was so exciting to spot them!