Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And We Have a Swimmer!

Jeremy hasn't ever liked being in water... In fact, he used to scream during bath time.  For this reason, we never really pushed him and we didn't put him in swimming lessons, thinking that it'd just be a waste of money.  Last summer, he finally showed some interest, but by that time, we couldn't get him lessons.  This year, I knew with certainty that lessons would need to be a priority.  I think his fear of water has also lessened over this past year because we started giving him showers.  He has slowly gotten used to having water in his face and eyes.  Well, after 10 weeks of lessons, we can finally say that we have a swimmer!  Jeremy did great!  And, no bribing is needed to get him in the water!  Now, he willingly gets in, and though he is still gaining confidence, he is actually able to do A LOT!  We're so proud (and glad)!  Just in time for summer!

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