Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All the RAGE

I was glad when Grace's softball season was over, but Grace was disappointed.  She really loved it.  We told her that if she really wanted to continue playing, she could try out for our league's all-star team (travel ball).  What were we thinking?  Well, Grace has tried all kinds of things over the years, and while she has enjoyed everything, she hasn't really shown a true love until she tried softball.  This summer, we're not traveling as much as we typically do, so out of all years, this would be an ok summer to try out this "travel ball thing."  We want to also capitalize on something that Grace truly enjoys doing... The result?  Grace tried out for the Fresno Rage and made the team! 

We absolutely love her coach!  Since she is in the 8U division, the commitment isn't as intense as the older divisions.  Yikes, if she decides to try out again next year, the level of commitment is insane!  Anyway, for this season, her team will only be playing in 4 weekend tournaments and all of them are somewhat local.  A few weekends ago, the girls had to play 3 games in one day with 108 degree weather- can you imagine!?  Some of the girls were crying as they came off the field- it was absolutely miserable (to be a spectator, much less a player)!  Grace has had the best attitude and we have loved seeing her persevere as she has been learning to play at a much more competitive level.  It has been a great experience so far!


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