Monday, July 11, 2011

Plan B

We had been planning to head to Sacramento for Jason's big track meet on Friday this past weekend.  Unfortunately, Jason hurt himself during a practice track meet the week before.  As the race approached, he agonized over what to do- should he drive up and race even though his body was clearly not at the top of its game?  Or should he drop out and give himself as much time as possible to recover? Added to this dilemma was the fact that his whole family and the Wiens family had planned to drive up to watch the race and support him.  Sadly (but wisely), he made the decision to drop out of his first race to increase his odds of running faster for his second race and limiting the chances for reinjury.  We felt so bad about having to change everyone's plans!  Thank goodness everyone had a Plan B for their weekend!  The Wiens family ended up going camping with some other families from our church.  Jen & Dan and their family, along with Jason's mom were able to spend the weekend at our family's cabin at Shaver Lake.  We decided to join them for one day and since it was so nice, we spent quite a bit of time at the lake.  
We decided not to stay at the lake over the weekend so that we could rest up, pack, and get our house ready for our departure. 

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