Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cars 2

Yesterday, we treated Jeremy to his first movie experience at a theater. He's watched plenty of movies, just never in a theater. In fact, one of his all-time favorite movies is Cars, and since Cars 2 was just released last week, we thought it'd be the perfect movie for his first theater experience. We decided to invite other families who have kids around Jeremy's age to join us. The kids wanted to sit together (or was it that the adults wanted to sit together?), so the kids sat one row in front of us. Jeremy did great during the 2 hr. movie (plus the previews)- he was completely focused, turning back once to give me his empty popcorn bag, and the second time to ask for some water. He loved it... and since our kids did so great, that means we will definitely have more family movie dates throughout this summer!

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