Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 World Masters Track & Field Championships

The BIG race!  Jason has been training since December to participate in the 2011 World Masters Track & Field championships.  However, due to injury, Jason had to drop out of his first event, the 100m, on Friday.  We didn't head to Sacramento until Monday morning.  It was a good choice because he felt pretty good heading into his 200m race.  Part of this was due to the extra few days of rest for his recovery, but part of it was also due to the help of our friend, the Yamashitas.  These wonderful friends now live in Colorado.  In one of my emails to Jessica last week, I had shared about Jason's injury and how that affected our plans for the week.  That same night, Brent (who is a physical therapist) called and left Jason a message- he had set up an appointment for Jason with one of his friends who has a private practice in our area for the very next morning.  His friend worked with Jason for over an hour and the results were fantastic- Jason felt loose and much more flexible.  He wasn't at the top of his game, but he felt good enough to race.  The actual championships included athletes from all over the world.  For example, just in Jason's event, he ran against athletes from France, Russia, Australia, Grenada, Denmark, South Africa, and Great Britain... How exciting it was to see Jason's race!  
I was so nervous for him that I was feeling sick to the stomach.  I was so relieved when he crossed the finish line- his time was 23.91 secs, fast enough to qualify for the semifinals. The best part was that he didn't reinjure himself or make it worse!  The semifinals took place the next day.  His time was 23.51 secs (13th out of 30).  Unfortunately, he didn't make it into the finals, but regardless, we are incredibly proud of him!  He has worked so hard, has been very dedicated to his training, and determined through injury and all.  Great job, Jason!!!  


Lee said...


Maybe a Bryan Wilson tuxedo suit will help you run faster next year! Goodbye singlet shirt, hello spandex suit (but not for the church harvest party costume). With the time you will save you can add in a beard too.


Fairytale Pumpkin said...

We are proud of you, too! Though I think you failed to mention the highly inspirational rendition of the national anthem. :)