Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jelly Belly Factory

We drove up to Sacramento on Monday morning, but since Jason's race wasn't until later that night, we decided to take advantage of being in the Sacramento-area by heading to the Jelly Belly Factory inFairfield (45 mins. west). We waited in line for a tour and learned all about how jelly beans are made.  One funny memory: during the tour, we were given samples of jelly beans in different stages.  When our guide came to give us some samples, she accidentally dropped some on the floor.  All of us said to Jeremy, "Don't eat those, Jeremy!"  He didn't...  Instead, he innocently picked them up and... put them back into the guide's basket.  She looked at us, and said, "Um... Ok... I guess we can't use those anymore!"  She had to go get another basket of Jelly Bellies.  It was so funny- I guess he was just trying to be helpful!

There was a gallery of artwork made entirely of Jelly Bellies like this one of President Reagan.

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