Monday, June 21, 2010


Even though it is near the end of June, we've barely been able to use our pool because it hasn't been warm enough. Can you believe that? Here in Fresno, not warm enough?! Every year for years, it has taken a lot of coaxing and bribing for Grace to even get into the pool. For whatever reason this year, she has gained enough confidence that I can actually say that she's become a fish! She has begged to go swimming every day, even when it is cooler outside, and now it takes a lot to get her out of the pool. She is eager to try new things in the pool, and we are so proud of her!
Jeremy seems to be following in Grace's footsteps in that it has taken some coaxing for him to get in the water. He is slowly getting used to it- he enjoys doing "airplanes" with Jason, occasionally blows bubbles, and will splash around. I wish now that we had signed him up for swimming lessons in Edmonton in a few weeks, but he was so reluctant to be anywhere near the pool a while back, that I opted out of it. Looks like he'll have to just settle for airplanes in our backyard pool!

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