Friday, June 4, 2010


This past semester, we enrolled Grace in gymnastics at Break the Barriers. We are drawn to this amazing place mostly because every person is made to feel successful in their programs. Another reason why this semester was so enjoyable was our dear friends, the Yamashitas, were also enrolled in the same class, so we got to see them and spend time with them every Wednesday! Last week was Grace's last class and I'm so disappointed that I didn't take more pictures over the semester. In these last few weeks, I was asked not to take pictures because there were kids in the class who didn't have "clearance." It didn't matter that I was only taking pictures of Grace! Anyway, this is all I have of her experience!Getting her stamps at the end of class
Every week that we take Grace to gymnastics, poor Jeremy has only been able to watch. He has often asked to join in and isn't allowed to. Well, we looked into a class for his age group at Break the Barriers and there were no openings. So, we splurged and decided to enroll Jeremy in a parent & me gymnastics class at The Little Gym. Our dear friends, Christa and Levi, also enrolled with us, so it has been fun to spend a little time together on Fridays. Jeremy's been going now for almost two months. Unfortunately, during all this time, he has been very reluctant to try many of the new skills. I never would've guessed that he'd be so hesitant and clingy! I always thought that he was a risk taker! Yesterday was the final class, also called, "Showtime." I invited Jason's mom to come and watch, hoping that with an audience, Jeremy would actually perform and do some of the skills. It took A LOT of coaxing- I felt bad that she drove all that way and he didn't do very much! (There are a few more pictures in the album on the right).

Gymnastics is done for this year... I'm glad both kids got to experience those classes, but I can't say that either of them loved it enough to continue in the Fall... I wonder what they'll try next!

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