Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Ahhh... Christmas... What a wonderful week of celebrating we've had! We were joined on Christmas Eve by Jason's mom and we shared an amazing meal before heading off to our church's Christmas Eve service. I grew up going to church every Christmas Eve, so the night would feel incomplete to me if we didn't continue doing that.
The first gifts the kids opened when we got home were pajamas, which they quickly changed into. We had hot chocolate and cookies, and then continued with opening gifts. It was so much fun to watch our kids open presents, especially Jeremy! His facial expressions are priceless. To downplay and minimize the "give me, give me" attitude and commercialism of this holiday, Jason and I have decided to give the kids just 3 Christmas gifts- something to wear, something they need, and something they want.
In the morning, "Santa" left goodies for the kids in their stockings (sigh... don't get me started on the issue of Santa (Jason and I pretty much have agreed to disagree- I do feel though that we have tried to keep the focus on Christ this season). Jason's mom made a delicious breakfast and we hung out until Jason's sister, Jennifer, and her kids came. More presents were opened, we played Wii, and then we had another fantastic meal (can you tell that I loved the food?!). It was a nice, laid-back day and we value the time we got to spend with family. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! (more pictures in the album on the right)

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John Schlesselman said...

Great idea on the gift giving format for the kiddos. We do the same thing with one addition: Want, Need, Wear, and READ.