Sunday, December 6, 2009

Children's Christmas Program at Church

We always look forward to the annual Children's Christmas program at church because it's always so cute to see all of the little kids and what they do when the spotlight is on them. Do you remember how Grace did at her preschool performance back in June? She was amazing! Today wasn't a "rock out" type of performance but she certainly did a great job singing praises to our God! She seems very comfortable being on the stage- we asked her if she got nervous at all and she said she didn't. The kids were ages 2-5 and they sang several songs. Here's a very short video clip:
I tried desperately today to get pictures of both kids together! I've come to realize that I don't have that many of the two of them together... That's probably because Jeremy can't stand/sit still for very long, but still- I really, really wanted at least one picture. So after many failed attempts at church today, I finally gave in and... bribed them! They each got 3 Skittles if they would just let Mama take some pictures of them. These are the result of my bribes!


Tanya said...

Just goes to show that sometimes bribes (although I like to think of them as "Incentives") are worth it...I especially love the second picture in which Jeremy is looking up at Grace and they're holding hands...very precious!

Anonymous said...

Only 3 skittles each? They got ripped off! - Lotti D

JHRME said...

I love his little suit!

Anonymous said...

Jer looked so cute!!! Debbie Bryan