Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beary Special Person

Everyone in Grace's kindergarten class gets the chance to be the Beary Special Person for a week, and it was Grace's turn last week. The Beary Special Person is the special helper for the week, gets to help the teacher during calendar time, and sits in the coveted "Bear Chair." In addition, he/she gets to bring in a show-and-tell item every day and bring in pictures that are displayed on a bulletin board. The bulletin board also displays an All About Me questionnaire that highlights the student. Here's how Grace answered:

My name is: Grace Isaac
I live at: my house
The people in my family are: Mama, Daddy, Jeremy, and me
Together we like to: spend time together
My pets are: 2 kitties, Cali and Berta
I like to: play with my Polly Pockets, bake, play the Wii
My favorite food is: macaroni and cheese
My favorite toy is: my Polly Pockets
My favorite story is: The Lion King
My favorite subject in school is: all of it
After school, I like to: play with my family
I have a special collection of: love from my family
When I grow up, I want to be: a kindergarten teacher
For show-and-tell throughout the week, Grace brought in a Princess Storybook collection, a Tinkerbell toy, her soccer trophy, and since she and I bake every Tuesday, we baked Double Chocolate M&M Cookies to share with the class. Regardless of the week, Grace will always be a Beary Special Person to us!

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Jamie said...

How great that she has "a collection of love from her family"! I love it!