Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just the 3 of Us

Jason has been out of town since Thursday, so I've been a single mom these last few days. The kids have been great, but it has still been exhausting! I have always thought that single parents have the hardest jobs, and this weekend was just another reminder of how grateful I am to have an incredible partner in Jason. Jason went to his cousin's wedding in Moab, Utah. He drove with his mom, sister, and nieces and considering that there was no way to extend the trip longer than the actual wedding weekend, we decided that I would stay home with the kids. 13 hours in the car with Jeremy... hmm... that's a no-brainer! Anyway, yesterday, I took the kids to the zoo. It was a hassle getting Jeremy in and out of the stroller everytime we came to a different animal, so I ended up letting him just walk. I was worried that he'd run all over the place because he thinks it's pretty funny to do that, but he actually stayed with me almost the whole time. 2 hours of walking = 2 tired kids (and 1 tired mom)! Grace couldn't decide on a favorite for this recent trip, but I would say that Jeremy's favorite was the Reptile House. That's probably because he could see all kinds of reptiles at his eye-level. He shrieked several times when he saw snakes slithering around. Both kids enjoyed the petting zoo. Jeremy marched right into the fenced area and started following goats around, while Grace took a little longer to warm up to them. (I must say, it has been really neat to see their different personalities emerge- like in this situation). Anyway, only 1 more day until we get to have Jason back! You'd think that since our relationship started off being long-distance that I would be ok when he's away. It's definitely not the case! I miss him soo much and can't wait to see him again!

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kc said...

For being a single parent, you still did a great job documenting your zoo trip. I'm impressed!