Monday, May 11, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

Moms & Muffins at Grace's school

In Grace's Mother's Day card to me, the teachers wrote down some answers to questions they asked her about me:

All About My Mom
1. Her favorite color: red
2. At home, she: does laundry
3. Her favorite food: macaroni and cheese
4. In her spare time, she likes to: rest
5. Her favorite T.V. show: I don't know, she watches with my dad
6. She likes to wear: dresses
7. She loves me because: she loves me so much, she tells me all day
8. My mom is: 20 years old

Can you tell which ones are correct!? Too funny!

Yesterday was a significant day! Not only was it Mother's Day, but it is also the day that both of our kids got dedicated to the Lord. Grace was dedicated on Mother's Day in 2005 by Pastor Loren, who also dedicated Jeremy yesterday. The decision to dedicate our children is rooted in our desire to raise our kids to grow up knowing Christ. We were surrounded by our family and friends and prayed over- we will definitely need all the help we can get! We are really thankful for everyone's support! This was the slide shown during the dedication: We didn't get the chance to explain the Bible verse that we chose to speak into Jeremy's life. It was one of Jason's dad's favorite Bible verses. We often think about how Jeremy will grow up not knowing his Grandpa. Sentimentally, we chose this verse as one way to connect Jeremy with his Grandpa. We pray that this verse will be an encouragement to Jeremy throughout his life.

After the dedication, we headed back to our house for a special lunch. It was the initiation of our kitchen! IT'S DONE! The entire process took 13 weeks- there are still things to be done, such as painting the walls and trim but we can actually use the kitchen now! It was worth the wait- Ron did a great job! (I'll post pictures later this week). We enjoyed a fantastic lunch (first meal in the oven- baked teriyaki chicken- one of our family's favorites) and then the kids played outside. It was warm enough that they actually went for a swim. First swim of the season! Unfortunately, all the wonderful progress that Grace made last year in swim lessons has been lost. She is back to fear of the water- it took so much coaxing to get her in the pool and when she did, she didn't have the guts to do anything. Looks like we're going to have to consider year-round swim lessons!


Jamie said...

Glad to hear someone else's kid has totally reverted as far as swimming goes. We went swimming at the Bergens yesterday (1st swim as well) and Isaac jumped right in only to panic, yell for help, then frantically doggie paddle to the side wall, sucking in water, climb out, cough UP water, then throw a fit that "I don't know how to swim any more!" Swimming lessons can't start soon enough.

Lomeliclan said...

Swimming? How fun! I really wish we could have a pool, it is a great way to keep your kids at home when they get a little bigger. Glad you had a great day!

Lisa said...

awesome pics and post Jane. BTW, I'm pretty sure that #8 is correct!

JHRME said...

I was the same, every year I was back to it agian.