Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun 3-day weekend! On Sunday, we went to Church in the Park. That's when our church meets at a nearby park and we hold our church service there. We worship together, eat, and then afterwards, there are usually fun activities for the whole family. This year, there was an inflatable water slide. Based on how Grace has reacted recently to water, we thought there was no way she'd go down it. She surprised us- there really is such a thing as positive peer pressure! All of her friends went, so that compelled her to do the same. Jeremy on the other hand, discovered someone else's ride-on toy and he became extremely possessive of it. We knew that the minute we took him off would be when we were ready to go home.On Monday, we did something we've never done- in all our years living in Fresno, we had never before been to Storyland and Playland. We decided to give it a try for our family date. In the Three Bears' House in Storyland

Storyland was a little disappointing, but Grace is sure that we'll visit Playland again. If you haven't been there, it's like a mini-fair. There were kiddie rides appropriate for both kids, so they both had a lot of fun. Pretty soon, we'll be planning all kinds of family dates- only 12 more days until school's out! Yay! (More pics on the right) On the train from Storyland to Playland

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