Monday, March 30, 2009


It's so great that our kids are old enough now to actually play together. Often times, Jeremy follows Grace around trying to keep up with her, and other times, she gets annoyed with him copying everything she does that she's trying to get away from him. Lately, they've been playing really well together. This is their latest thing, a result of Jeremy learning how to get on the stool in the bathroom by himself. They now play "Hair," with Grace pretending to be a hairdresser, and Jeremy as the customer. It's funny that Jeremy, who is usually very squirmy when we need him not to be, actually cooperates and lets Grace do whatever she wants with his hair (on this particular day, he was actually "brushing" his teeth, but he definitely didn't protest!).
Ready for the final result?!



Lomeliclan said...

That looks like the hair I do at school. I am really good at up-do's. Love it!

Jamie said...

Oh my word...I laughed out loud at that last photo! Too funny!