Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random Stuff

Several things happened this week that I just thought I'd share about.

1) Jason and I decided this past September that I would be taking a leave of absence from teaching this next year. With both of us working full-time, coaching, with two kids who go to different places during the day, church stuff, Grace's lessons, etc., our lives can be pretty hectic. We thought that if I took next year off, I'd be able to spend more time with Jeremy, and be available during Grace's first year of school! Well, it's official- last week, I submitted my request and it was granted. I get to be a stay-at-home mom next year! As someone whose identity is greatly wrapped up in my job, the idea of being at home overwhelms me... But, for the first time in my life, this is something I really desire, as opposed to something I'm doing because I feel pressure to do so. When I return the year after, I am guaranteed a position, and my tenure, years of service, salary, and seniority will be reinstated. Unfortunately, I am not guaranteed my current position at my current school. I am saddened by that! Teaching 5th grade with David, my grade level partner, has been the highlight of all my years of teaching. I know things will work out as they should! My thoughts for now are on how I'll get to focus on my family next year!

2) I registered Grace for kindergarten this past Wednesday. I had parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon, but stacked my Tuesday conferences so that I could leave early on Wednesday. One of the parents who didn't show up on Tuesday, showed up on Wednesday just as I was about to leave school. She was upset that I was making her come back on Thursday, so to avoid making things worse, I went ahead and sat down with her. Of course, the conference went on too long! When I arrived at Kratt Elementary School, I ran into my co-worker's mom, who also happens to be one of the kindergarten teachers there. We chatted a bit, and then she took me to get register. The teacher who helped me said, "Oh great! You just got the last spot for A.M. kindergarten!" I was so relieved! I joined another guy at a different table to fill out some papers, and a few minutes later, the teacher returned and said, "Actually, you got the last spot (pointing at the guy I was sitting near). Turning to me, she said, "I'm so sorry. I spoke too soon and we miscounted. It looks like you're the first person for our P.M. kindergarten." What?! AAAAGGHHH! Anyway, she put me down on the waiting list for A.M. kindergarten. I know, I know. There are lots of pros to P.M. kindergarten, but part of the reason why I would like A.M. is because I wanted to spend some alone time with Jeremy in the morning, and some alone time with Grace in the afternoon (while Jeremy is napping) next year. We would also like to be able to go watch Jason's volleyball games, which start before P.M. kindergarten ends. It would also be nice to have Jason drop Grace off sometimes on his way to work in the morning. We're hopeful that since we're first on the waiting list, that something will work out! On another note, I can't believe that Grace is heading to kindergarten!!!!

3) My school's annual carnival was this past Friday. Considering our economy's current woes, I was surprised by the turnout- it was great! Jason brought Grace and Jeremy to spend some time with me. It was fun for me to introduce my family to my students and staff. Grace loved the inflatables, getting her face painted, and playing some of the games. My class's booth was Spin Art, so she got to create one. Though the turnout was great, we didn't have enough volunteers for our booth. It was a reeeaally long day- I didn't end up leaving school until 9pm.

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