Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy Weekend

Jason and I are on Spring Break! We're so glad to have this much-needed break!
This past weekend was Fresno's annual MCC Sale (Mennonite Central Committee). It's a huge sale that raises money for relief efforts around the world. In my opinion, it's like a huge Mennonite reunion. We always look forward to going for the chance to run into friends we haven't seen in a while, and to have some yummy foods that Jason grew up with. We went on Friday night for a tasty dinner of German sausage (the real thing) sandwiches. The lines for fritters were long, but some very nice people (thanks Aaron and Mark) gave us some. On Saturday morning, we returned for the pancake breakfast. Jason's mom met up with us there. We bought some Hot Wheels to keep Jeremy entertained long enough for me to watch a little of the quilt auction. Before leaving to take Grace to gymnastics, she treated the kids to homemade ice cream (at 10:30am!). Oh to be a grandma!
Sunday was Palm Sunday. Grace joined many other children at church, waving palm branches as they sang a few songs praising our Lord Jesus. I missed it, running to try and get a better spot to take pictures, but apparently, Grace was "playing" her palm branch like it was a guitar. She was rocking out! Just like her daddy, I guess! Thanks to the Macks for sending us this picture!Sunday evening was beautiful outside, so we went on a walk around our neighborhood. Grace dusted off her bike, and Jeremy got to ride in the jogging stroller. It was a great way to end such a busy weekend.

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