Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jeremy's Two Front Teeth

When I took Jeremy to the dentist over the summer, he did let me know that the xray showed that Jeremy's two front bottom teeth looked like they would be coming out soon.  Well, he lost his first tooth on Aug. 30 and then his second tooth within a week.  His first tooth came out at school.  I overheard his classmates saying that the tooth fairy left $10 for one, and $6 for the other.  I wondered what it'd be like if the tooth fairy only left $1 for Jeremy after hearing what his classmates got.  I don't know why I care because he doesn't fully understand the value of money yet!  I guess it's just one of those things I figure that kids will always remember when they get older- "Can you believe the tooth fairy only left me $1!?..."
So... the tooth fairy left $3. 

Lots of people commented that the tooth fairy was being way too generous with that amount... Jeremy's tooth made me think of Modern Family and the episode when the tooth fairy leaves $100 for Lily... (LOL)  Anyway, when Jeremy lost his second tooth a week later, the tooth fairy left $1.  
 Another milestone- my little baby's growing up so fast!

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