Saturday, September 21, 2013

Boys will be Boys

I LOVE that Jeremy goes to the same school that I work at.  It was certainly true on this particular day.  I got a call from our secretary saying, "I think you need to come to the office at recess." 
"Did Jeremy have an accident?"
"Yes, but not the kind you're thinking. He fell in the mud at recess." 
"Ok, I'll come down in a few minutes."
Just as I hung up, my GIA (vice principal) came into my room and said, "You need to go see Jeremy right now.  He's crying and really upset. You're probably going to have to take him home to clean him up.  I'll watch your class when they get back from recess."
So, I hurried to the office and he burst into tears.  He was covered in mud, front and back!  It was actually pretty hilarious, but he was crying, so I held in my laughter.  Our secretaries had been consoling him, and our janitor came to hand me a garbage bag to put in my car.  Such a "village!"  Jeremy and I ran out to the car and I sped home.  He quickly stripped down and got into the bathtub where I scrubbed and scrubbed.  By then, the mud was caked on.  We quickly dressed him, got back in the car, and I sped back to our school.  I was gone a total of 35 minutes, which was very fast!  Not long after I returned, my principal came by my room to check in.  He said, "Even if he was in trouble, I don't think I'd do anything because he was so darn cute when he was crying."  LOL  In the end, we found out that he and his friend were spinning around while holding hands, one of them let go, and Jeremy went flying towards the mud that was in the playground as a result of a broken sprinkler... What a day it was- boys will be boys! 

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