Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Week of School

Our kids' homework projects to start the year:

My projector bulb burned out in May and even though I immediately asked for a new one, I was told that with the year winding down, I wouldn't get it until this new school year.  I wrote a reminder note on my check out papers when I left on the last day of school and returned this school year to find that it still hadn't been ordered.  So I have since had to drag out my overhead!  So much for technology!  It turns out that my projector is now considered obsolete because the bulbs are no longer produced by the manufacturer.  I now have to wait at least a month while my school follows school budget protocol to get me a new projector.  It's very sad- my teaching style is definitely not the same without one!!!! 

Fourth day of school and Jason already had to call for a sub.  Jeremy woke up with this! 
Luckily, Uncle Aaron is an eye doctor and was able to help out.  He came over during his lunch break to check it out and gave us some eye drops.  Thank goodness it wasn't pink eye (something viral)! 

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