Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ice Skating in Fresno!?

I grew up in Edmonton, where every school has its own outdoor skating rink.  Ice skating was a pretty normal outdoor activity in a place where snow covers the ground for at least four months of the year.  As we raise our kids in Fresno, known for its heat, I never thought that we'd ever take our kids skating, much less at an outdoor rink!  This year, downtown Fresno has an outdoor ice rink (albeit small, but a rink)!  Our family went together on Veterans Day with some friends, and the kids took such a liking to it, we ended up buying a family season pass.  I was shocked by how well our kids did.  They fell plenty of times, but had great attitudes and got right back up.  Pretty soon, they were skating from one section to the next without any help.  I was joking to Jason that it must be the Canadian in them, hahaha.  We went again during Thanksgiving Break with the Wiens family, my sister (who didn't get into ANY pictures), and brought our friend, Jackson, again, too.  We plan to go a few more times this season!  Fun times!  

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